W. Scott

Jessica Halloran Children's Literacy Club

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All our authors believe reading is the most important part of a child's education. That's why we've nominated our flagship LadyStar™ fantasy adventure series and all its characters and books to lead our drive for children's literacy.  We'd like to invite you to join our one-of-a-kind club!

When you buy a membership in the Jessica Halloran Children's Literacy Club, we will deliver a premium paperback edition of W. Scott's Dawnsong to a school, school librarian, school book fair or boy or girl scout troop in our local community here in Southern California on your behalf.

Book deliveries will be announced at the Official LadyStar Site and you will have the option of being listed on our Literacy Club Contributors page alongside the school or organization that received your book.

To show our appreciation, we will also make available to you an instantly delivered digital edition of Dawnsong along with a discount code for a free digital edition you can gift to another reader with our compliments.

Help us make the gift of reading, discovery and adventure a reality for elementary and middle school children and join the club today! 

Please note membership in the Jessica Halloran Children's Literacy Club is not tax-deductible.

Note: Authors wishing to make use of our Jericho™ Book Builder Web Application may receive an activation code by purchasing a club membership.


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